Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Last updated: May 20th, 2024
Description and Use of the Platform

Horse Spot, Inc. (“Horse Spot” or the “Company”) is a software and data service platform (the “Platform”) that allows equestrian enthusiasts, competitors, show managers, and show staff to watch and engage in shows and competitions virtually. Show managers create customizable shows on the platform, and users of the Horse Spot platform sign up to watch and monitor results from shows on the platform. Managers run shows on Horse Spot with real-time results, scheduling, and check-outs for users who submit entry registration and/or who make online orders for feed, bedding, and other show products on Horse Spot.


Horse Spot products and services are not targeted toward, or intended for use by, anyone under the age of 18 (users under this age may use Horse Spot with an adult parent or guardian’s express permission; in such cases, the parent/guardian is responsible for the user’s use of Horse Spot). By using Horse Spot’s products and services, Users and Managers on the platform represent and warrant that they: (1) are at least 18 years of age or at least the age of majority in the jurisdiction where you reside and from which you will use the Platform, (2) have not been previously suspended, removed, or otherwise restricted from using the platform, (3) are not engaged in any activities banned on Horse Spot, (4) do not have multiple Horse Spot accounts, and (5) have full power and authority to enter into these Terms without violating any agreements they may have to other parties.

Show managers, show staff, vendors, competitors, spectators, and any other accessing user (collectively, “Users”) on Horse Spot are described below:

  • Show Managers (“Managers”): professional equestrian show organizers, each of which will use their own unique login to access the business professional side of the platform for the purpose of adding their shows to the platform and interacting with Show Staff and Users for the purpose of organizing shows on Horse Spot.
  • Horse Show Staff (“Show Staff”): judges, in-gate, and office staff at shows; each of which will use their own unique login to access the business professional side of the platform for the purpose of participating in shows on Horse Spot and interacting with Managers and Users before, during, and/or after shows on Horse Spot.
  • Third-party vendors (“Vendors”): non-Manager and non-Show Staff third-party support who contract with Horse Spot, Managers, and/or Show Staff to support shows on the platform, each of which may view Horse Spot or have unique logins as third-party vendors.
  • Competitors at shows (“Competitors”): individuals competing at competitions broadcasted on Horse Spot, each of which can access the user side of the platform to monitor results from competitions and watch shows of interest to them. In the case of users under the age of 18, an adult parent or guardian’s express permission and supervision is required to use Horse Spot’s platform.
  • Spectators and equestrian enthusiasts (“Spectators”): individuals interested in watching shows (including checking ring statuses and viewing rider orders) and tracking competition results, each of which may use the outward-facing view on Horse Spot’s platform without an individual user account. In the case of users under the age of 18, an adult parent or guardian’s express permission and supervision is required to use Horse Spot’s platform.
Community Guidelines

Everyone on Horse Spot is expected to treat others as they would in real life, communicate politely and with respect, and respect User privacy. Failure to comply with these User guidelines may result in your removal from the Horse Spot platform, regardless of your method of use or prior payment for access or use.

The use of Horse Spot for commercial activities (e.g., raising money, whether for personal or commercial purposes; advertising or promoting and product, service or company; or engaging in pyramid or multi-level marketing schemes) is prohibited, as is the posting/transmission of false, deceptive, misleading, or misinformative. Posting and/or sharing of copyrighted, trademarked, or trade secret protected content is also prohibited. Deliberate misrepresentations—including of one’s identity and affiliation(s)—is prohibited. Defamatory, obscene, indecent, and pornographic content are prohibited; similarly, content promoting violence is also prohibited. You will not impersonate or attempt to impersonate Horse Spot, a Horse Spot employee, another User, or any other person or entity (including, without limitation, by using email addresses or unique identifier associated with any of the foregoing).

The use of web crawlers, bots, data mining tools, and similar technology to scrape data from Horse Spot is prohibited. Exceptions exist for internet search engines (e.g., Google) and non-commercial public archives (e.g., archive.org).

If you find inappropriate content or behavior, please alert the Horse Spot team at support@horsespot.net. HorseSpot reserves the sole and absolute right to deny violators of the Terms of Use access to the platform and associated services, and to remove content that violates the community guidelines.

Governing Body Guidelines

Horse Spot complies with the applicable rules promulgated by governing bodies, such as U.S. Equestrian (USEF) (Rules, Regulations & Grievances available here) and the United States Hunter Jumper Association (USHJA) (Bylaws, Foundation Bylaws, and Policies here), to the best of our ability. We endeavor to adhere to all governing body rules, but can make no guarantees regarding accuracy of our policies and/or the update of our policies when governing bodies change their rules and/or regulations.

Account Terms

Certain areas and features of Horse Spot require registration foran account. By creating an account, you agree to the following:

  • To access and use the Platform, you must register for a Horse Spot Account. To complete your Account registration, you must provide us with your full legal name, business address, phone number, a valid email address, and any other information indicated as required. Horse Spot may reject your application for an Account, or cancel an existing Account, for any reason and at any time, at our sole discretion. You agree to provide accurate, current, and complete information about yourself.
  • You must be the older of: (i) 18 years, or (ii) at least the age of majority in the jurisdiction where you reside and from which you use the Services to open an Account.
  • You confirm that you are receiving any Services provided by Horse Spot for the purposes expressly outlined in this Agreement.
  • You acknowledge that Horse Spot will use the email address you provide on opening an Account or as updated by you from time to time as the primary method for communication with you (“Primary Email Address”). You must monitor the Primary Email Address you provide to Horse Spot and your Primary Email Address must be capable of both sending and receiving messages. Your email communications with Horse Spot can only be authenticated if they come from your Primary Email Address.
  • You are responsible for keeping your password secure. Horse Spot cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage from your failure to maintain the security of your Account and password. We may request additional security measures at any time and reserve the right to adjust these requirements at our discretion.
  • Technical support with respect to the Platform and Services is only provided to Horse Spot users. Questions about these Terms should be sent directly to Horse Spot Support at support@horsespot.net.
  • You agree not to access the Platform or monitor any material or information from the Platform using any robot, spider, scraper, or other automated means.
  • You agree to immediately notify Horse Spot in the event of a security breach, or the suspicion of one, related to your own account or the site overall.
Account Activation
Competition Management Companies

Pursuant to the Horse Spot Package Plan executed by the Competition Management Company, the person signing up for the Platform and Horse Spot Services will be the contracting party for the purposes of our Terms of Service and will be the person who is authorized to use any corresponding Account we may provide to the Competition Management Company in connection with the Platform. You are responsible for ensuring that the name of the contracting party, including the legal name of the company that owns the Competition Landing Page, if applicable, is clearly visible on the Competition page.

Based on your Horse Spot Package Plan, you can create one or more staff accounts (“Staff Accounts”) allowing other people to access the Account. Each Staff Account must include a full legal name and a valid email account. With Staff Accounts, the Competition Management Company can set permissions and let other people work in their Account while determining the level of access by Staff Accounts to specific business information (for example, you can limit Staff Account access to sales information or prevent Staff Accounts from changing general competition settings.)

The Competition Management Company is responsible for (a) ensuring its employees, agents, and subcontractors, including via Staff Accounts, comply with these Terms of Service; and (b) any breach of these Terms of Service by the Store Owner’s employees, agents or subcontractors. The Competition Management Company acknowledges and agrees that the Competition Management Company will be responsible for the performance of all of its obligations under the Agreement, regardless of whether its sublicenses or subcontracts any such obligations to any third party, including but not limited to any affiliates or subsidiaries of Competition Management Company.

All Other Account Users

When you create an account with the Company, you represent and warrant that you comply with the Account Terms, as defined above and these Terms of Service. The person signing up for the Platform and Horse Spot Services will be the contracting party, or the legal guardian of the contracting party, for the purposes of our Terms of Service, and will be the person who is authorized to use any corresponding Account in connection with the Platform (“User”). Users may not use as a username the name of another person or entity that is not lawfully available for use, a name or trademark that is subject to any rights of another person or entity other than you, without appropriate authorization. You may not use as a username any name that is offensive, vulgar, or obscene.

Payment and Billing

By providing your Payment Method to Horse Spot, you authorize Horse Spot and/or our third-party payment processor to charge your Payment Method the then-effective rate. If your Payment Method cannot be authorized or is otherwise in error, we may suspend or cancel the Horse Spot services. In the event of such failure of your Payment Method, we may take reasonable steps to retry your Payment Method. We may contact you to reconfirm or update your Payment Method. We are not responsible for any fees incurred by you when charging or retrying your Payment Method, including but not limited to, overdraft fees. We use a third-party payment service to process your Payment Method. We do not receive, store, or process your Payment Method. By submitting your Payment Method through the Platform, you agree that we may use a third party to receive, store and process your Payment Method. You further agree that we will not be responsible for any failures of the third party to adequately protect your Payment Method and other information in such third party’s possession. You agree that your provision of your Payment Method and other information to such third party is subject to the conditions of the third-party payment service provider's terms of service and privacy policy and by providing your Payment Method and related information you agree to such third party’s terms and conditions of service. You acknowledge that we may change the third-party payment service and move your information to other service providers that encrypt your information using industry standard security technology.

Horse Spot currently accepts electronic payment for services through Stripe. Accepted forms of payment are check, debit and credit cards. By using Stripe on your Horse Spot Account, you agree to be bound by the Stripe Connected Account Agreement, as they may be amended by Stripe from time to time. Such amendments to the Stripe Connected Account Agreement are effective as of the date of the posting. Your continued use of Stripe on the Horse Spot Platform after the amended Stripe Connected Account Agreement are amended and posted constitutes your agreement to, and acceptance of, the amended Stripe Connected Account Agreement. If you do not agree to any changes to the Stripe Connected Account Agreement, discontinue use of the Horse Spot Platform and deactivate your Account.

Pricing and Fees

Horse Spot services and access are charged at variable rates depending on needs and entry volume. Please contact sales@horsespot.net for more information.

Prize Winnings

In the event that the awarding of any winnings/prizes to winners is challenged by any legal authority, Horse Spot reserves the right in its sole discretion to determine whether or not to award such winnings/prizes.

Currency Conversion

All prices are expressed in US Dollars. All amounts due under this Agreement are payable in either (i) US Dollars; or (ii) the local currency of an event hosted in any non-US country.  If any User makes payment of any amount in Local Currency, the Company may need to make currency conversions. The Company is entitled, without prior notice to the User, to make any currency conversions which the Company considers necessary or desirable for the purposes of complying with its obligations or exercising its rights under this Agreement. Any such conversion shall be effected by the Company in such a manner and at such rates as the Company may in its discretion determine, having regards to the prevailing rates for freely convertible currencies. The Company shall be entitled to charge to the Client and retain for the Company’s account the expenses incurred with regard to currency conversions for the User, including but not limited to commissions to banks, money transfer fees, and commissions to intermediaries.


Horse Spot will provide a full refund if (1) paid services have not been used on the platform, (2) a show is canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, and/or (3) physical products are lost in transit (in such circumstances, proof of delivery failure will be requested). No refunds will be given after a show has taken place on the platform.

International Competitions

Horse Spot may contract to facilitate horse shows in non-US jurisdictions. Horse Spot offers certain Platform tools to facilitate International Competitions, including but not limited to estimated local currency conversion and content translation. You authorize Horse Spot to use automated tools to translate your content, including member-to-member communications, in whole or in part, into local languages where such translation solutions are available. Horse Spot does not guarantee the accuracy and availability of any translation.

If you use the Platform in a non-US jurisdiction, you are subject to this Agreement and are responsible for complying with all laws and regulations applicable in your local jurisdiction. If as a Competitor, you do not want to adhere to the Terms of this Agreement or do not wish to allow Horse Spot to provide services specific to your local jurisdiction, you may choose not to participate in the Competition.


Horse Spot services and access are taxable based on the individual’s or business’ domicile. You acknowledge that, regardless of any action taken by Horse Spot, the ultimate liability for all taxes or tax-related items related to your use of or participation in any service hosted by Horse Spot and legal applicable to you is and remains your responsibility and may exceed any amount withheld by and at the sole discretion of Horse Spot. You further acknowledge that Horse Spot (1) makes no representations or undertakings regarding the treatment of any tax-related items in connection with any aspect of the Services provided on the Platform; and (2) do not commit to and are under no obligation to structure the terms of any portion of the Platform to reduce or eliminate the liability to you for tax-related items or achieve any particular result. Further, if you are subject to tax-related items in more than one jurisdiction, you acknowledge that the Company may be required to withhold or account for tax-related items in more than one jurisdiction. You agree to pay to the Company any amount of tax-related items that the Company may be required to withhold or account for as a result of your use of the Platform or Services provided by Horse Spot that cannot be satisfied by the means previously described. You authorize Horse Spot to withhold all applicable tax-related items legally payable by you from your wages or other cash compensation paid to you by Horse Spot as specified by law.

Taxes on Winnings

All taxes associated with the receipt of any prize are the sole responsibility of the winner. Horse Spot does not provide any tax related information, including, without limitation, Forms 1099 or other tax-related documents. Horse Spot does not independently collect any tax information, but provides Competition Management Companies with the ability to collect certain relevant tax information from certain individuals and participants through the Horse Spot Platform, including but not limited to Tax ID numbers. Horse Spot allows Competition Management Companies the ability to export certain tax related information, including but not limited to individual or entity names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, Tax ID numbers, and prize money earned for the limited purpose of generating tax documents for individuals or entities who participate in competitions. Competition Management Companies may contact Horse Spot at support@horsespot.net in the event they cannot access your tax information for the sole purpose of generating tax documentation for participants.

Communication Preferences

Additionally, by creating a Horse Spot account, the individual consents to receive electronic communications from Horse Spot and third parties, as needed. These communications may take the form of emails, notices on the Horse Spot platform, and/or direct messages on the Horse Spot platform. Communications may be related to account maintenance (e.g., payment, password changes, and other transactional information). Individuals agree that any notices, agreements, disclosures, and/or other communications that Horse Spot sends electronically will satisfy any legal communication requirements, including, but not limited to, that such communications be written. Individuals should maintain their own records of Horse Spot communications by saving emails or printing paper copies of communications. From time to time, Horse Spot, Managers, and/or third parties may send promotional communications, including: newsletters, special offers, surveys, rewards, and other news and information we believe may be of interest to individuals utilizing the platform. Opt-outs from promotional communications will be included in all communications.

License to Access and Use Our Sites and Content

Unless otherwise indicated in writing by Horse Spot, the site and platform and all content and materials contained therein, including, without limitation, the Horse Spot logo and all designs, text, graphics, pictures, information, data, software, sound files, User Content (as defined in the User Content section), other files, and the selection and arrangement thereof (collectively, “Content”) are Horse Spot’s and licensors’ and/or platform users’ proprietary property. They are protected by U.S. and international copyright laws. You are hereby granted a limited, nonexclusive, nontransferable, non-sub licensable license to access Horse Spot’s platform, site, and content. This license is subject to these Terms and does not include the right to: (1) sell, resell, or use the sites or content in commercial settings or applications, (2) distribute, publicly perform, or publicly display the Content, (3) modify or make derivative use of the platform, sites, or Content, unless expressly permitted by Horse Spot, (4) use data mining, robotic, or similar data gathering and/or extraction methods, (5) download any portion of the platform, site, or Horse Spot (other than page caching), and (6) use the platform, site, or Content for any purposes other than intended. Any use of the platform, site, or Content other than as specifically authorized herein, without Horse Spot’s prior written permission, is strictly prohibited and will terminate the license granted herein.Unauthorized use may also violate applicable laws, including, without limitation, copyright and trademark laws and applicable communications regulations and statutes. Unless explicitly stated by Horse Spot, nothing in these Terms shall be construed as conferring any right or license to any patent, trademark, copyright, or other proprietary rights of Horse Spot or any third party, whether by estoppel, implication, or otherwise. The license is revocable at any time. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Terms, the platform, site, and Content may include software components provided by Horse Spot or a third party which are subject to separate license terms; in such case(s), the license terms will govern the software components.

Repeat Infringer Policy; Copyright Complaints

In accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and other applicable laws, Horse Spot has adopted a policy of limiting access to the site and platform or terminating the accounts of users in appropriate circumstances and in our sole discretion. Users who infringe the intellectual property rights of others will be subject to these actions. If you believe that anything on the platform or site infringes any copyright that you own or control, you may file a notification of such infringement with our designated agent as set forth below: support@horsespot.net. Please see 17 U.S.C. § 512(c)(3) for the requirements of a proper notification. If you knowingly make any material misrepresentation in your notification that the material or activity is infringing, you will be liable for any damages, including, without limitation, costs and attorneys’ fees, incurred by us or the alleged infringer as the result of our relying upon such misrepresentation in removing or disabling access to the material or activity claimed to be infringing.


“Horse Spot,” the Horse Spot logo, and any other Horse Spot product or service names, logos, or slogans which appear on the platform, site, or products are trademarks of Horse Spot. They may not be copied, imitated, or used—in whole or in part—without Horse Spot’s prior written permission. You may not use metatags or any other “hidden text” using “Horse Spot” or any other name, trademark, or product or service name of Horse Spot without prior written permission from Horse Spot. Additionally, the look and feel of the site, platform, and products, including, without limitation, all page headers, custom graphics, button icons and scripts, constitute the service mark, trademark, or trade dress of Horse Spot. They cannot be copied, imitated, or used—in whole or in part—without the trademark holder’s permission. Reference to any products, services, processes, or other information by name, trademark, manufacturer, supplier, or otherwise does not constitute or imply endorsement, sponsorship, or recommendation by Horse Spot.


You are granted a limited, nonexclusive, nontransferable right to create a text hyperlink to the platform and site for noncommercial purposes, provided that such link does not portray Horse Spot or any of our Products in a false, misleading, derogatory or otherwise defamatory manner, and provided further that the linking site does not contain any adult or illegal material or any material that is offensive, harassing or otherwise objectionable. This limited right may be revoked at any time. You may not use a Horse Spot logo or other proprietary graphic of Horse Spot to link to the site or platform without Horse Spot’s express written permission. Further, you may not use, frame or utilize framing techniques to enclose any Horse Spot trademark, logo or other proprietary information, including the images found on the Sites or Products, the content of any text or the layout or design of any page, or form contained on a page, on the Sites without our express written consent. Horse Spot makes no claim or representation regarding, and accepts no responsibility for, the quality, content, nature or reliability of third-party websites accessible by hyperlink from the site or platform, or of websites linking to the Sites. Such sites are not under our control, and we are not responsible for the contents of any linked site, any link contained in a linked site, or any review, changes or updates to such sites. We provide these links to you only as a convenience, and the inclusion of any link does not imply our affiliation, endorsement or adoption of any site or any information contained therein. When you leave the Horse Spot ecosystem (defined as Horse Spot’s platform and site), you should be aware that our terms and policies no longer govern. You should review the applicable terms and policies, including privacy and data gathering practices, of any site to which you navigate from the Horse Spot ecosystem.

Third-Party Content

Horse Spot may display content, advertisements, and/or promotions from third parties through the site, platform, or in shipments with products (collectively, “Third-Party Content”). Horse Spot does not control, endorse, or adopt any Third-Party Content; further, Horse Spot makes no representation or warranties with regard to Third-Party Content, including, without limitation, regarding its accuracy and completeness. You acknowledge and agree that your interactions with third parties providing Third-Party Content are solely between you and the parties, and that Horse Spot is not responsible or liable in any manner for such interactions or the Third-Party Content.

During public shows, Horse Spot or its agents may obtain images of Users for subsequent use in Horse Spot materials, including promotional and marketing materials and on Horse Spot’s website. Your name and biographical information may or may not be included along with such images. You hereby grant Horse Spot permission to use your images and likeness for promotional and marketing purposes, and you understand that you will not receive any royalties or other compensation for such use.

User Conduct

By using Horse Spot’s platform and site, you agree that you will not violate any law, contract, intellectual property, or other third-party right or commit a tort. You also agree that you are solely responsible for your conduct when accessing or using Horse Spot’s platform and site. You agree that you will abide by these Terms and refrain from:

  • Harassing, threatening, intimidating, predatory, or stalking behavior;
  • Attempting to access or use another User’s account without authorization from them and Horse Spot;
  • Using the Platform in a disruptive manner that could negatively affect others’ ability to use the Platform;
  • Reverse-engineering any aspect of the Platform, attempting to discover source code, or attempting to bypass measure employed to prevent or limit access to any Content, area, or code;
  • Attempting to circumvent content-filtering techniques used on the Platform;
  • Developing third-party applications which interact with User Content or the Platform without HorseSpot’s prior written consent;
  • Using a robot, spider, crawler, scraper, script, browser extension, offline reader, or other automated means or interface not authorized to access the Platform;
  • Interfering with or modify the rendering of the Platform;
  • Using the Platform for illegal or unauthorized purposes, or encourage or engage in activities which violate the Terms;
  • Using the Platform for the purpose of exploiting, harming, or attempting to exploit or harm minors in any way by exposing them to inappropriate content, asking for personally identifiable information, or otherwise;
  • Discriminating on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, national origin, ancestry, religion, sex, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, military or veteran status, marital status, or disability;
  • Abusing, threatening, defaming, libeling, inciting hatred or violence toward, victimizing, intimidating, or otherwise harassing any person or group of persons;
  • Transmitting, or procuring the sending of, any advertising or promotional material without Horse Spot’s prior written consent, including any "junk mail," "chain letter," "spam," or any other similar solicitation; and
  • Otherwise attempting to interfere with the proper working of the Platform.
No Modifications, Reverse Engineering, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

Except as expressly permitted in these Terms of Service, you may not (and may not allow third parties or assist third parties) to:

  • Modify, port, adapt, or translate any portion of the Services or Software;
  • Reverse engineer (including but not limited to monitoring or tracking the inputs and outputs flowing through a system or an application in order to recreate that system), decompile, disassemble, or otherwise attempt to discover, within any Service or Software, the source code, data representations or underlying algorithms, processes, methods, and any other portion of such Service or Software; or
  • Use or allow a third party to use, the Services or Software, including but not limited to any architectures, models or weights, or any other such confidential and/or proprietary information, or any content, data, output, or other information received or derived from the Services or Software, to directly or indirectly create, train, test, or otherwise improve any machine learning algorithm or artificial intelligence system that mimics or performs any function substantially similar to any function contained within the Services or Software.
User Content
Shared Content from Users

Horse Spot’s platform and site may include interactive features and areas which allow individuals to create, post, share, or store content. This includes, but not limited to, competition photos, show promotional content, and other materials (collectively, “User Content”). If you decide to share your User Content on Horse Spot or third-party platforms, you acknowledge that this User Content will be viewable by others in accordance with the privacy settings you establish and that you are solely responsible for the User Content and your use of any interactive features and areas of the Horse Spot site and platform. By using the interactive features and areas of the platform and site, you agree that you will not create, post, share, or store unlawful, libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, indecent, lewd, suggestive, harassing, threatening, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, abusive, inflammatory, fraudulent or otherwise objectionable content. Nor will you create, post, share, or store content that would constitute, encourage, or provide instructions for a criminal offense; violate the rights of any party or violate any local, state, national, or international law; infringe a patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, or other intellectual or proprietary right of any party; contain misleading, false, or dishonest information; misrepresent your identity and/or affiliation(s); contain a third party’s private information without their consent; contain unsolicited promotions, political campaigning, advertising, or solicitations; irresponsibly reference alcohol; and transmit viruses, corrupted data, or other harmful files or content. User Content that Horse Spot judges to be objectionable or that restricts or inhibits others’ ability to use or enjoy Horse Spot’s platform, site, or products, or which may expose Horse Spot or others to any harm or liability, is also prohibited.

Horse Spot is not responsible or liable for any User Content. Although we have no obligation to screen, edit or monitor User Content, we reserve the right, and have absolute discretion, to remove, screen or edit User Content posted or stored on the Sites at any time and for any reason, and you are solely responsible for creating backup copies of and replacing any User Content you post or store on the site or platform at your sole cost and expense.

Shared Content from Horse Show Photographer and/or Venue

For authorized and supervised Users under the age of eighteen (18) or other applicable age of consent in a particular jurisdiction, the authorizing and supervising parent or legal guardian hereby authorizes the limited use of images, videos, and other content captured on-site at a show or other submitted in the form of User Content for purposes of accomplishing the intended goals and functions of the Platform. Horse Spot takes the use of such content, whether User Content or otherwise, very seriously. If you feel that content including the likeness of minors is being use in an inappropriate, unauthorized, or otherwise problematic manner, please contact support@horsespot.net immediately with a reference to the specified content and the Horse Spot support team will look into the matter promptly.

User Content Rights

Horse Spot claims no ownership interest in your User Content. Uploading, posting, or submitting User Content to Horse Spot or feeds on third-party social media platforms (e.g., Horse Spot’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) grants Horse Spot a nonexclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, and fully sublicensable right and license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, creative derivative works from, distribute, perform, and publicly display your User Content, in whole or in part, and your name, likeness, voice, and persona in any manner or media and for any purpose whatsoever at our sole discretion, including, without limitation, for publicity, promotional advertising, trade, business, illustration, artistic and other commercial and non-commercial purpose. Updating, posting, or submitting User Content to Horse Spot constitutes representing and warranting that (1) the User Content is nonconfidential, (2) you own and control all rights to the User Content or otherwise have the rights needed to post the User Content, (3) you authorize Horse Spot to use the User Content for the purposes described herein, (4) the User Content is accurate and not misleading or harmful, and (5) that the User Content, and your use and posting thereof, does and will not violate these Terms or any applicable law, rule, regulation, or third-party right.

Error Reporting and Feedback

You may provide us directly at about.horsespot.net/contact or via third party sites with information and feedback concerning errors, suggestions for improvements, ideas, problems, complaints, and other matters related to Horse Spot, our Platform, the site, and/or the products (collectively “Feedback”). You acknowledge and agree that (i) you shall not retain, acquire, or assert any intellectual property right or other right, title, or interest in or to the Feedback; (ii) the Company may have development ideas similar to your Feedback; (iii) the Feedback does not contain confidential information or proprietary information from you or any third party; and (iv) the Company is not under any obligation of confidentiality with respect to the Feedback. Horse Spot will own exclusive rights, including, without limitation, all intellectual property rights in, and to, such Feedback and shall be entitled to the unrestricted use and dissemination of this Feedback for any purpose, commercial or otherwise, without acknowledgment or compensation to you. In the event the transfer of the ownership of the Feedback is not possible due to applicable mandatory laws, you grant the Company and its affiliates an exclusive, transferable, irrevocable, free-of-charge, sub-licensable, unlimited, and perpetual right to use (including copy, modify, create derivative works, publish, distribute, and commercialize) the Feedback in any manner and for any purpose.


Confidential Information will include, but is not limited to, any and all information associated with a party’s business and not publicly known, including specific business information, technical processes and formulas, software, customer lists, prospective customer lists, names, addresses and other information regarding customers and prospective customers, product designs, sales, costs (including any relevant processing fees), price lists, and other unpublished financial information, business plans and marketing data, and any other confidential and proprietary information, whether or not marked as confidential or proprietary. Horse Spot’s Confidential Information includes all information that you receive relating to us, or to the Platform or Services, that is not known to the general public including information related to our security program and practices.

Each party agrees to use the other party’s Confidential Information solely as necessary for performing its obligations under these Terms of Service and in accordance with any other obligations in these Terms of Service. Each party agrees that it will take all reasonable steps, at least substantially equivalent to the steps it takes to protect its proprietary information, to prevent the duplication, disclosure, or use of any such Confidential Information, other than (i) by or to its employees, agents, and subcontractors who must have access to such Confidential Information to perform such party’s obligations hereunder, who each will treat such Confidential Information as provided herein, and who are each subject to obligations of confidentiality to such party that are at least as stringent as those contained herein; or (ii) as required by any law, regulation, or order of any court of proper jurisdiction over the parties and the subject matter contained in these Terms of Service, provided that, if legally permitted, the receiving party will give the disclosing party prompt written notice and use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that such disclosure is accorded confidential treatment. Confidential information will not include any information that the receiving party can prove: (A) was already in the public domain, or was already known by or in the possession of the receiving party, at the time of disclosure of such information; (B) is independently developed by the receiving party without use of or reference to the other party’s Confidential Information, and without breaching any provisions of these Terms of Service; or (C) is thereafter rightly obtained by the receiving party from a source other than the disclosing party without breaching any provision of these Terms of Service.

Termination, Deactivation, and Suspension

The Company reserves the right to terminate or suspend accounts, refuse service, bar access to the Platform, remove or edit content, or cancel orders in our sole discretion, without prior notice or liability, for any reason whatsoever and without limitation, including but not limited to a breach of Terms.

If the Company suspends or deactivates your account or limits your use of the Platform pursuant to this Agreement, you are thereafter prohibited from registering and creating a new account under your name or business name, a fake or borrowed name, or the name of any third party, even if you may be acting on behalf of the third party. Even after your right to use the Platform is suspended, terminated, or limited, this Agreement will remain enforceable against you. The Company reserves the right to take appropriate legal action pursuant to this Agreement.

The Company reserves the right to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, all or any portion of the Platform in its sole discretion.

You may cancel your Horse Spot Account at any time through your Account Settings page, though we will be sorry to see you go.


We care about the privacy of our users. By using our Services, you acknowledge that we may collect, use and disclose your personal information and aggregated and/or anonymized data as set forth in our Privacy Policy, and you acknowledge that you may have your personal information collected in, used in, transferred to, and proceed in the United States. If your use of the Services requires us to process any personal data of personal information within your Content, as these terms are in and in accordance with applicable privacy laws or regulations, we will do so at all times in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, you agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Horse Spot, and our respective past, present and future employees, officers, directors, contractors, consultants, equity holders, suppliers, vendors, service providers, parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, representatives, predecessors, successors and assigns (individually and collectively, the “Gainful Parties”), from and against all actual or alleged Horse Spot or third party claims, damages, awards, judgments, losses, liabilities, obligations, penalties, interest, fees, expenses (including, without limitation, attorneys’ fees and expenses) and costs (including, without limitation, court costs, costs of settlement and costs of pursuing indemnification and insurance), of every kind and nature whatsoever, whether known or unknown, foreseen or unforeseen, matured or unmatured, or suspected or unsuspected, in law or equity, whether in tort, contract or otherwise (collectively, “Claims”), including, but not limited to, damages to property or personal injury, that are caused by, arise out of or are related to (a) your use or misuse of the platform, site, content, or products, (b) any User Content you create, post, share or store on or through the Sites or our pages or feeds on third party social media platforms, (c) any Feedback you provide, (d) your violation of these Terms, (e) your violation of the rights of another, and (f) any third party’s use or misuse of the Sites or Products provided to you. You agree to promptly notify Horse Spot of any third-party Claims and cooperate with Horse Spot in defending such Claims. You further agree that Horse Spot shall have control of the defense or settlement of any third-party Claims. This indemnity is in addition to, and not in lieu of, any other indemnities set forth in a written agreement between you and Horse Spot.


You are solely responsible for your conduct on Horse Spot’s platform, site, and other associated properties. Horse Spot reserves the right to change any and all Content and to modify, suspend, or terminate access to the platform and site (or any features and functionality of the same). Reference to any products, services, processes, or other information by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, supplier, vendor, or otherwise does not constitute or imply endorsement, sponsorship, or recommendation thereof, or any affiliation with, Horse Spot. Some jurisdictions prohibit the disclaimer of implied terms in contracts with consumers; in such cases, some, or all of the disclaimers in this section may not apply to you.

Limitation or Liability; Release

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, in no event shall Horse Spot or any of the other Horse Spot parties be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, consequential, exemplary or punitive damages of any kind (including, but not limited to, loss of revenue, income or profits, loss of use or data, loss or diminution in value of assets or securities, or damages for business interruption) arising out of or in any way related to the access or use of the sites or platform  or the order, receipt or use of any service or product (including, but not limited to, any damages caused by or resulting from reliance by any user on any information obtained from Horse Spot, or from mistakes, omissions, interruptions, deletions of files or emails, errors, defects, bugs, viruses, Trojan Horses, delays in operation or transmission or any failure of performance, whether or not resulting from acts of God, communications failure, theft, destruction or unauthorized access to Horse Spot records, programs or systems), regardless of the form of action, whether based in contract, tort (including, but not limited to, simple negligence, whether active, passive or imputed), strict product liability or any other legal or equitable theory (even if the party has been advised of the possibility of such damages and regardless of whether such damages were foreseeable). To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, in no event shall the maximum aggregate liability of Horse Spot and the other Horse Spot parties (jointly) arising out of or in any way related to (a) the order, receipt or use of services or products purchased from Horse Spot exceed the amount paid for such products; and (b) the order, receipt or use of product, or access or use of the sites or content, exceed the greater of $250 or the amount you paid to us in the one (1) month period immediately preceding the date on which your claim arose. The foregoing limitations shall apply even in the event your remedies hereunder fail of their essential purpose, and the foregoing shall constitute Horse Spot and the other gainful parties’ sole liability and obligation in respect hereof, regardless of the form of action, whether based in contract, tort (including, but not limited to, simple negligence, whether active, passive or imputed), strict product liability or any other legal or equitable theory. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, you, on behalf of your heirs, executors, administrators, legal and personal representatives, hereby release, waive, acquit and forever discharge Horse Spot and the other Horse Spot parties from and against, and covenant not to sue any such Horse Spot party for, all claims you have or may have arising out of or in any way related to these terms. If you are a California resident, you hereby waive your rights under California civil code 1542, which states “a general release does not extend to claims which the creditor does not know or suspect to exist in his or her favor at the time of executing the release, which if known by him or her must have materially affected his or her settlement with the debtor.” Access to Horse Spot and/or any other content, information, products and/or services offered by and/or through the same would not be provided to you without such limitations. Some jurisdictions prohibit the disclaimer of implied terms in contracts with consumers; in such cases, some or all of the disclaimers in this section may not apply to you.

Modifications to the Sites

Horse Spot reserves the right in our sole discretion to modify, suspend or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the platform and site (or any features or parts thereof) at any time and without liability thereafter. Horse Spot reserves the right to withdraw or amend its services, and any service or material Horse Spot provides, in its sole discretion without notice. Horse Spot will not be liable if for any reason all or any part of the platform or site is unavailable at any time or for any period.

You are responsible for both:
  • Making all arrangements necessary for you to have access to the Platform; and
  • Ensuring that all persons who access the Platform through your internet connection are aware of these Terms and comply with them.
Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

Most concerns can be resolved quickly and satisfactorily by emailing us at support@horsespot.net. In the event that we cannot resolve a dispute, we each agree that any and all disputes, controversies, or claims arising under, out of, or related to this agreement or the contractual relationship established by it (whether in contract, tort, or any other statute, regulation, ordinance, or other source of law) will be resolved on an individual basis through binding arbitration. You and Horse Spot each expressly waive any right to trial by jury and the right to participate in a class action lawsuit or class-wide arbitration. Neither you nor Horse Spot shall be permitted or entitled to join or consolidate claims by or against others, or arbitrate or otherwise participate in any claims as a class member, class representative, or in any other representative capacity. The arbitration will be conducted by a single, neutral arbitrator and will take place in the county or parish in which you reside, or another mutually agreeable location, in the English language. All issues are for the arbitrator to decide, including (but not limited to) issues relating to the scope and enforceability of this agreement to arbitrate and the arbitrability of any dispute between you and Horse Spot. The arbitrator may award any relief that a court of competent jurisdiction could award, including attorneys’ fees when authorized by law. Judgment on the award rendered by the arbitrator may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. At your request, hearings may be conducted in person or by telephone, and the arbitrator may provide for submitting and determining motions on briefs, with or without oral hearings. Horse Spot agrees that, upon request, it will pay a consumer’s filing fee for the arbitration. For the benefit of the parties, all aspects of the arbitration proceeding, including (but not limited to) the transcripts of the hearing, the transcript of any deposition, and all documents produced or used during the arbitration proceeding, will be strictly confidential. The Federal Arbitration Act governs the interpretation and enforcement of this agreement to arbitrate. If a court decides that any provision of this paragraph is invalid or unenforceable, that provision will be severed and the other parts of this paragraph (and the remainder of these terms) will continue to apply, but in no case shall either you or Horse Spot be permitted to participate in a class action lawsuit or class-wide arbitration.


Horse Spot may use subcontractors or other third parties to perform its obligations under these Terms, but Horse Spot will remain responsible for all such obligations.

Further Assurances

You agree to execute and deliver any documents or instruments and take any further actions that are reasonably required, to provide the other party the full benefits and rights described in these Terms.


You may not assign these Terms or delegate your performance without Horse Spot’s prior written consent, and any attempt to do so is void. Horse Spot may assign or transfer these Terms without your consent. These Terms are binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties’ permitted successors and assigns.


If any provisions of these Terms or portion of a provision is invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, the rest of these Terms will remain in effect.

No Waiver

Neither party will be treated as having waived any rights by not exercising (or delaying the exercise of) any rights under these Terms.

Force Majeure

Horse Spot will not be liable for any delay or failure to perform under these Terms as a result of any cause or condition beyond Horse Spots reasonable control (a “Force Majeure Event”), so long as Horse Spot uses reasonable efforts to avoid or remove those causes of delay or non-performance.


The Company may terminate this Agreement at any time, with or without notice, for any reason.

Relationship of the Parties

Nothing contained in this Agreement or your use of the Platform or Services shall be construed to constitute either party as a partner, joint venturer, employee, or agent of the other party, nor shall either party hold itself out as such. Neither party has any right or authority to incur, assume or create, in writing or otherwise, any warranty, liability or other obligation of any kind, express or implied, in the name of or on behalf of the other party, it being intended by both parties that each shall remain independent contractors responsible for its own actions.

Entire Agreement

This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and the Company and governs the terms and conditions of your use of the Platform and Services, and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous communications and proposals, whether electronic, oral or written, between you and the Company with respect to this Platform. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you may also be subject to additional terms and conditions, posted policies (including but not limited to the Privacy Policy), guidelines, or rules that may apply when you use the Platform. The Company may revise these Terms and Conditions of Use at any time by updating this Agreement and posting it on the Platform. Accordingly, you should visit the Platform and review the Terms and Conditions of Use periodically to determine if any changes have been made. Your continued use of this Platform after any changes have been made to the Terms and Conditions of Use signifies and confirms your acceptance of any such changes or amendments to the Terms and Conditions of Use.

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