It’s nice to meet you!

We’re the Lenard’s and we started Horse Spot because we love going to horse shows.

Michael Lenard


Fast & Spunky

Lindsay Lenard



Christopher Lenard


McLain Ward

We saw that horse shows really hadn't changed much since we were kids.

Our fondest childhood memories were growing up riding and competing in the Chicagoland area.

It made sense back then that we did things by paper. Call us crazy but we don’t think we should have to anymore. The horse show community agrees. That’s why we set out to create a tech platform that just to happens to simplify workflows for show managers and exhibitors.

A note from the Founders

We have collectively run horse shows as managers, competed at local and rated shows, and have worked in the corporate world— and now we’re bringing Horse Spot to you. Our mission is to help equestrians compete, celebrate the community, and promote growth in our sport at every level. Will you join us in our mission? Connect with our community of riders, parents, trainers, vendors, and fans. And reconnect with what makes you, you. Because you show to feel power. You show to feel joy.  And we’ll show you what pro horse show management looks like.

Ride & Shine,

— Lindsay, Michael, and Christopher


No friendship compares to the one that starts with horsemanship.